Create a Magnet with Your Marketing

by Lawyer James on

Are you bringing people to you through your marketing strategies? Have you created content that has turned you into a publisher?

When you increase your content count, you produce results by attracting more visitors and boosting the ability to turn those visitors into quality leads.

Every year their are more and more channels that require you to produce content on a consistent basis. Those channels include +Google, YouTube, Twitter, RSS Feeds, LinkedIn, Facebook, Pinterest, and more.

Are you facing any challenges trying to develop content due to these negs being on your checklist:

  • Well, I don’t have enough time to do it
  • It’s so hard to come up with topics
  • If I had more people on my team, we would do it
  • I’m not a real tech person when it comes to measuring data
  • With their being so many bookmarking sites, it’s hard to share stuff

Creating Content is Important when Marketing

It really doesn’t matter what industry you’re in, driving results from your marketing is at the top of most list. When your wanting a return from your content, you actually have to look at how often you’re able to produce new and relevant content that people want to share.

Notice the list below, how often are you creating content?

  • Multiple times a day?
  • Once a day?
  • Once a week?
  • Once a month?

Or, are you not creating content at all?

If you want to attract people to your business – you have to create content that your audience enjoys. Websites that at least blog on a consistent basis have 4 times more traffic than those that don’t and more indexed pages in the search engines.

2 Quick Tips to Help You Create Content

If you are struggling with creating content, hopefully this will help you.

A way to have blog topics for a month

Make a list of blogs that are related to your industry. ( We would love to also be included on your list, be sure to link back to any posts that inspired you to write).

Once you have your list in a spreadsheet, find interested topics that energize you to feel like an expert. When you have your list together, list about 5 variations of titles for each inspired topic – then pick the best one from each list.

Once you have your blog title list together, schedule them through out the month using a free calender tool that Google provides. By doing this, you will have created a steady beat of content for the next month.

A great way to allow others to share the content that they’ve read is by having a social share tool on your blog. You can find a list of cool plugins for a WordPress site at ” The Best Social Media Profile Promotion Plugins for WordPress

Create offers that are exciting for your visitors

Now that you have your blogs set up for the next month (your going to want to repeat this process), create some exciting offers for your new visitors. Generally you would want to educate your visitors to the point that makes them want to share this new found knowledge with their networks and friends. Ways to educate through offers are: eBooks, podcasts, webinars, newsletters, etc…

By doing this, you will have made promoters out of your audience that could really take you a long way. When your marketing team is working in unison with your sales team – then you should start to noticed a change in your analytics report.

What are some things you’ve done to turn your content into a magnet?

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