How often should you Repurpose your Content?

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If repurposing isn’t a part of enhancing your content strategy, you could be missing out on valuable chances to make your old content more useful, interesting and easily understood.

First off, to erase all doubt, repurposing is not a lazy way of reducing content development time and efforts. Rather, it’s a way to give older content legs by finding new ways to leverage its potential.

Taking the Subject Experts’ Advice

Today, my business partner and I tuned in for the Content Marketing Institute Webinar titled “Content Marketing 2013 – A Look at What’s Ahead”. We walked away with some pretty useful insight into the different degrees of content marketing and how everything from technology to the people responsible for your brand’s content strategy are very important in determining the success of your efforts.  I’ll share the details with you in a future blog post.

What I do want to share, though, is the feedback we received about how and how often marketers should go about repurposing their content.

Our question was the very last question addressed during Joe Pulizzi (@juntajoe), Joe Chernov (@jchernov), and Mark Bornstein’s (@4markb) rapid-fire answer session.

And, of course, we asked: “How often should you repurpose your content?

The response our inquiry received was definitely enlightening. So, what’d it all boil down to? Mark Bornstein responded by saying that, honestly, there’s really no concrete answer to this age-old question. It really all depends on how your audience is reacting to old content and how good your repurposing techniques are.

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How to Develop your Repurposing Strategy

The guys ended by sharing how pre-planning is the key to repurposing. This means taking each piece of content, individually, and planning the approach you’ll take to repurposing it. Consider these questions when planning your repurposing strategy:

  • What audience was the original content intended for?
  • Will the repurposed content target the same audience?
  • What information are you trying to extract for repurposing?
  • What are three ways the content can be translated and delivered to the audience?

There you have it, ladies and gentlemen. The best way to know when you will repurpose your content is to plan how you will repurpose your content.

Final take from the Webinar: Remember, there are no rules or truisms in content marketing. You must pretend that you’re the customer and humanize the brand.

Now, ask yourself, would you be interested in the content?

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