7 Mobile Apps that Help Run Your Business

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Was one of your new year’s resolutions to start being more productive in the way you do business?

If so, you’re not alone. From my calculations, 10 out of 10 entrepreneurs want to be successful and to do so generally requires being productive – and in some cases, more productive.

So, now that we’re on page 74 of 365, if you haven’t already put some kind of actionable strategy for reaching success into practice, it’s about time you start. For many entrepreneurs, the need to attend events, take clients to lunch and the like is all a part of being productive. But what does that mean for making sure the business that is usually conducted in the office is still getting taken care of? It means it has to be a part of the out-of-office process, of course!

If you are preparing to spend more time out of the office and in the field this 2013, here are 7 low-to-no cost mobile applications (in no special order) that will keep you operational. Take notes – and don’t hesitate to share your choice of apps that make it possible for you to get business done on the go.

Mobile App #1: imo messenger App

Do your website visitors engage with you via chat when they come to your site? Does it happen more times than not? The imo messenger application integrates with Olark. It can be set up on either your iPhone or other smart device and allows you to never miss an incoming chat while you are out of the office.

imo instant messenger

The app can be connected with your existing Olark account and offers many of the same functionalities as your existing chat system, such as the available and unavailable chat status. Consumers aren’t always interested in picking up a phone and calling your company, so having the imo app makes sure you are able to tend to their concerns and requests no matter where you are.

Quick tip: View the setup guide by visiting this link.

Mobile App #2: GoPayment

While it’s not really a new app, it’s one that I don’t see a lot of entrepreneurs taking advantage of. The Intuit GoPayment app allows you to accept mobile payments from anywhere.

intuit go payment app

With this app, users are enabled to process payments and obtain signatures from customers in minutes. It eliminates only being able to process transactions at the office and gives you full access to your payment portal wherever you are.

Mobile App #3: Hello Sign

This cool app allows you to scan, edit, send and sign documents all from your Android or iOS device. It’s a newer e-signing application that lets you take your agreements with you and get them signed quickly and easily.

hello sign mobile

No longer will you need to carry around a pile of papers; by using the Hello Sign app, your customer can sign their agreement in person and through their smart phone device in the most efficient way possible. The Hello Sign app is free.

Mobile App #4: WordPress

Do you update your company blog regularly? Well, there’s bound to come a time when the need to add or manage content on your blog exists, but you aren’t in a position to pull out your laptop and handle business. The WordPress app remedies this issue and makes it easier than ever to post content on the go.

wordpress for mobile

This mobile app solution ensures you never miss a beat when it comes to uploading new content and managing comments for your blog. The app also offers built-in notifications and is run on an open source platform. The WordPress app is free.

Mobile App #5: Highrise for iPhone

The Highrise app by 37signals is an ideal solution for entrepreneurs who need to manage their contacts, lead, tasks and conversations while out and about.

high rise mobile app

This mature app works as the mobile extension of a Highrise account and makes for a simple and easy way to improve your out-of-office performance. This app is a powerful resource for making sure you stay on top of your tasks and never miss an appointment or email.

Mobile App #6: Sparrow Mail App

If you’re looking for an intuitive and pleasurable mailing experience, the Sparrow Mail app is all you need. Many entrepreneurs are considering this option as an alternative to their existing email client as it puts all your emails in one place where you can easily manage and navigate through them.

sparrow iphone app

The app offers a number of detailed features that help you organize your mail and make the most of your mailing experience. The Sparrow Mail app is free.

Mobile App #7: Informly

If you’re serious about your business, you should be equally serious about your website analytics. If so, look no further than the Informly app that drops all the details of your analytics in the palm of your hand. This powerful app provides you with an all-around view of your business through branded reports and information essential to your content and engagements.

informly mobile app

Every aspect of your business demands your attention, making it almost impossible to master any one area. But, with the Informly app, knowing and understanding your small business analytics is a breeze. The Informly Analytics app is free.


What I would like to see you take away from this post is that you must keep your business operational no matter where you are. It’s understandable that certain situations will take you out of the office, but they shouldn’t cripple your ability to run your business as efficiently as possible. A number of these same applications have worked for us and we know that there are lots more out there that make getting the job done easier. You have to keep improving your out-of-office performance if you expect to operate within the same business manner when you are on the go.

What other low-to-no cost mobile apps for business  have you tried?


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